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Sharing information, preventing terror 2016. 06. 08.

Sharing information, preventing terror

At this week’s plenary session of the European Parliament, Members debated how to more effectively exchange data among information systems and databases as part of the fight against terrorism in the European Union. MEP Kinga Gál emphasized that recent terrorist attacks show the deficiencies in the flow of information in the area of fighting international crime. The deputee welcomed the establishment of the European Counter-Terrorism Center in the framework of Europol, as well as Hungary’s new Counter Terrorism Information and Criminal Analysis Center (TIBEK).
The migration overflow is destabilizing Europe 2016. 02. 02.

The migration overflow is destabilizing Europe

During today afternoon's plenary debate on migration in the European Parliament, Kinga Gál drew attention to the untreated situation on the external borders, which has a destabilizing effect on Europe.
Plenary debate on the Presumption of innocence 2016. 01. 19.

Plenary debate on the Presumption of innocence

Kinga Gál MEP did the following speech on behalf of the EPP Group in the plenary debate on the topic of the presumption of innocence and right to be present at trial in criminal proceedings.

Minority Protection in the EU

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"Again and again there was a serious worry and concern about what is going on, about the rule of law in Hungary in general, without having one concrete single case of fundamental rights infringement or freedom of expression infringement where you could say that the rule of law did not function, where the courts did not work properly or the Constitutional Court did not act.


On the contrary, the court rulings prove - and look at the case of Klubrádió which was mentioned during the last debate -, that the courts are ruling independently. This is also the case if you look at the rulings of the Constitutional Court. They can't be regarded as pro-government or non-independent rulings.  I don't understand why it is always questioned the rule of law if it is evidence - evidence that is showed today and is incorporated in all these working documents - that actually each institution is doing its work properly in Hungary. (...)


This is why I would like to ask you cooperate and try to find an adequate understanding of what is going on in Hungary and maybe more good will in approaching this whole process."


Kinga Gál MEP

Debate in the LIBE Committee

Brussels, 7th March 2013

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