It is unacceptable that the European Parliament openly interferes in the Polish elections

2023. 10. 03.

Today, the European Parliament debated the case in Poland related to the sale of Schengen visas. Kinga Gál, the president of the European Parliament group of Fidesz, emphasized in her speech that today’s debate is actually a serious, external attempt to interfere in the Polish election process on the part of Brussels and the European Parliament, which aims to overthrow the sovereign Polish government for refusing to accept illegal immigrants and does not accept the mandatory migrant quota. According to Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi, it is obvious that the current Polish government is a thorn in the side of the pro-migration, left-wing political forces in Brussels. They want to replace this government so much that they even hold a debate, only 12 days before the Polish elections, and they attack them with pathetic lies.

Kinga Gál, the president of the Fidesz European Parliament group, said: today’s EP debate is a serious, external attempt to interfere in the Polish election process, which is contrary to the principles of democracy and national sovereignty and is unacceptable. “If it had been about the already exaggerated and constructed case, then this debate would have been postponed two weeks after the elections. The fact that the debate is taking place now proves that what is at stake is influencing the elections in Poland,” added the MEP of Fidesz.

According to Kinga Gál, their goal is to bring the conservative, sovereignist Polish government to its knees because it firmly stands against illegal migration, does not accept the mandatory migrant quota, and defends national sovereignty. Brussels and the majority of the European Parliament cannot accept this and support the pro-immigration opposition led by Donald Tusk, by all means. “In the case of Hungary, it has been proven several times that this policy does not lead to success. Neither Hungarian nor Polish voters want to decide the fate of their country in Strasbourg or Brussels. On October 15, the Poles will also have a good opportunity to give a snappy response to European pressure,” concluded the politician.

According to Fidesz MEP Balázs Hidvéghi, Brussels’ attempt to intervene is incorrect and will not work. “In this, the People’s Party, Donald Tusk and the PO are very wrong: do they really hope that they can win elections with the help of this neo-Marxist institution?! – the MEP asked the politicians of the European People’s Party. “This won’t work! We have already seen a similar attempt against Hungary, and it didn’t work out. In fact, it went backwards.” Balázs Hidvéghi pointed out.