Let’s finally sort out the situation of the Kosovo Serbs!

2023. 10. 04.

The agenda of the plenary session of the European Parliament included an assessment of the events in Kosovo in recent weeks. Andor Deli, the MEP of Fidesz, pointed out in his speech: the tragic events of the recent past prove that a solution to the situation of the Serbian community living in Kosovo must be found as quickly as possible. Kinga Gál, the president of the Fidesz European parliamentary group, emphasized: Europe must do everything to guarantee the stability and peace of the Western Balkans, and the integration of the countries of the region is key to this.

The MEP from Vojvodina emphasized: “There is a need for an unbiased and thorough investigation, but at the same time, these events are only symptoms of a much deeper problem, which is none other than the unresolved situation of the Serbian community in Kosovo for a decade. With the establishment of the Community of Serbian Local Governments, a possible solution it is already given in the 2013 so-called “Brussels agreement”. In addition, several international conventions provide a framework for dealing with the situation of special communities, which are also part of the Copenhagen criteria, which are indispensable in the process of European integration.” “All legal elements, as well as the political willingness of European and American mediators, are given, so after a decade, the government in Pristina must also take the necessary steps.” Deli concluded his speech.

Kinga Gál emphasized in connection with the debate: in order to preserve the stability of the Western Balkans, the escalation of the situation in northern Kosovo and the freezing of the political dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina must be avoided. “This can only be achieved if Kosovo Serbs feel safe in their homeland, so any further escalation of tension must be avoided. The Hungarian position has been clear from the beginning: we must do everything to guarantee the peace of the Western Balkans, to promote the integration of the countries of the region, including the key country, Serbia,” underlined Kinga Gál.