Strengthening the European defence industry is in our vital interest

2023. 09. 11.

The European Parliament debated the report on the establishment of a new financial instrument to strengthen the European Defence Industry Reinforcement through Common Procurement Act (EDIRPA) at its plenary session on Monday in Strasbourg. The new instrument is essential to strengthen the European defence industry and capabilities, which have been weakened by misguided left-liberal policies, our delegation therefore supports the initiative.

Commenting on the debate, MEP Kinga Gál, President of the Fidesz delegation to the European Parliament, said that the Ukraine war has highlighted that Member States cannot delay any longer in strengthening the defence industry and infrastructure, as this is in the fundamental security interest of Europe. “Only a European Union with globally competitive defence and military capabilities can meet the growing security challenges”, the MEP underlined. She stressed that Hungary supports the instrument, which, through the cooperation of Member States, creates opportunities to improve responsiveness and ensure production capacities, contributing to a safer and stronger European Union. This is essential for lasting peace and creating long-term stability.

MEP András Gyürk pointed out that the new financial fund can bring substantial added value to the recovery of the European defence industry. “The war raging in our neighbourhood has proven the strategic failure of the left-liberal policy of dismantling the defence industry. For the security of citizens, the industrial shortcomings in the most critical defence products must now be addressed with urgency. This requires not only strong national defence industrial programmes but also cooperation between European countries, to which this financial instrument can contribute. In addition, this new legislation can also help investments in the defence industry in Central Europe, including Hungary”, the Fidesz MEP stressed.