Turkey is our strategic partner

2023. 09. 12.

The European Parliament discussed its 2022 report on Turkey at today’s plenary session. Enikő Győri MEP pointed out in her plenary speech: “The report is completely wrong. The task of the Union is not to bind its partners and re-educate them, but to create alliances that strengthen it from an economic, political and security point of view.” According to Kinga Gál MEP, the president of the Fidesz European Parliament group, the report is unbalanced and excessively critical of Turkey, which does not help to promote relations.

Enikő Győri pointed out: “Turkey is our strategic partner, whom we have promised EU membership for many years, but we do not want to negotiate with them, we only educate them. Meanwhile, they protect Europe’s external borders from increasing migration pressure. Our military ally during the war raging in our neighborhood. It has played an indispensable role in ensuring the energy supply of East Central Europe since Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. In addition, Turkey is responsible for the only successful mediation between the warring parties in Ukraine so far, the conclusion of the Black Sea grain agreement. With this, it was possible to alleviate the food crisis in many parts of the world for months. Turkey would rather be respected for all this. Let’s stop molding them in our own image. Will not succeed.”

Kinga Gál added: “Turkey is also a key country in terms of external border protection and curbing mass migration. “It plays a prominent role in guaranteeing the security and stability of Europe, it takes care of millions of asylum seekers, so the EU is in great need of good cooperation,” the politician emphasized. “In the current geopolitical situation, the importance of the country is increasing in terms of economic and energy supply, so it would be in the European Union’s fundamental strategic interest to develop a closer partnership with the country,” Kinga Gál concluded.