The EP wants more money to settle migrants

2019. 03. 13.

The European Parliament plenary adopted Parliament’s position on the Asylum and Migration Fund for the years 2021-2027. “It is outrageous that the majority of the EP that is supporting immigration intend to use a large proportion of the threefold fund for the importation of migrants, rather than trying to stop it,” said Kinga Gál MEP Fidesz after the vote.

“Parliament’s position intends to devote a significant proportion of resources to the establishment of legal migration channels, the integration of migrants and the “solidarity between Member States”. “A Member State that does not intend to settle migrants on its own territory, according to the proposal now adopted, falls out of a significant proportion of the EU funds it receives,”said the Fidesz representative. Kinga Gál stressed: “Despite the fact that the Commission claims that there will be no quota for the introduction, the proposal will earmark a significant amount for this purpose”.

According to Kinga Gál, it is also outrageous that the majority of the European Parliament on immigration is in favor of only five percent of the Fund for on-site assistance and the elimination of root causes. “Meanwhile, it would give ten thousands euros to each Member State after each resettled migrant, thereby encouraging migrants to be settled on our continent,” Kinga Gál said. The Commission’s proposal to use EU funds confirms that, despite all the denials, the institution’s real intention is to promote immigration by encouraging migrant immigration.

“The quota allocation method, is also denied by the Hungarian opposition parties. In contrast, the text adopted today clearly states that the Fund will also cover the costs of relocating migrants under the Dublin Regulation,” the MEP pointed out.