Migration should not be encouraged

2021. 05. 20.

The European Parliament held a plenary debate on its report on the EU’s external migration policy. Kinga Gál, president of the Fidesz delegation in the European Parliament, underlined during the debate: “We are debating again another report on migration that is only concerned about the human rights of illegal migrants, not containing any reference to the importance of strengthening our border protection and stopping illegal migration.”

The report of the parliament would strengthen legal migration routes and would expand the legal remedies available for migrants, while not addressing the root causes of migration, such as the importance of amelioration of the living conditions of migrants in their countries of origin. Furthermore, the report criticizes the agreements between the EU and third countries on the return of illegal migrants, which constitutes the only effective element of the EU migration policy. “The excessive monitoring mechanism – which the report intends to introduce – would make the functioning of these agreements impossible. Creating incentives for illegal migrants to enter Europe – sometimes with the help of human traffickers and NGO ships – is a serious irresponsibility, already a sin” – emphasized Kinga Gál.

“The report is nothing more than another push of the left and the liberals to impose their worldview on others, that the cure for all the problems of the EU is more migration. The adoption of the report will only create more incentives for migration” – the Fidesz politician pointed out.

“Assistance and aid has to be brought in the countries of origin in order to improve the living conditions and security of locals, thus encouraging them to stay. We cannot have entire generations leaving their own countries, only bringing help there can represent a sustainable solution, and Hungary with its “Hungary Helps” international humanitarian aid program lead  these efforts” – concluded Kinga Gál.