EU taxpayers’ money will be used to finance Soros organizations

2019. 04. 17.

The pro-migration majority of the European Parliament today voted to give hundreds of millions of euros to NGOs openly promoting and helping migration. “This also shows that European pro-migration forces try to make every effort until the very end to promote politically-motivated immigration-promoting NGOs” said Fidesz MEP Kinga Gál after the vote.

According to the “Rights and Values Program” adopted today NGOs “in charge of investigating the enforcement the rule of law” in Member States can be funded from the EU budget, including the Hungarian taxpayers’ money. The program will not enter into force until the adoption of the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), so it is incomprehensible that there is such a haste in adopting it, unless it is for the EP’s pro-migration majority to tie the hands of the newly formed Parliament. 

Kinga Gál pointed out: “In Hungary these NGOs are well-known to be associated with George Soros that in the recent years launched continuous attack on the Hungarian Government under the guise of the rule of law. Such NGOs provided the background material for Judith Sargentini’s report condemning Hungary, they defended the convicted terrorist Ahmed H., and they represented illegal migrants breaking the border lock in lawsuits in Strasbourg. It is obvious that they are motivated by one goal: to force the Hungarian Government to change its anti-immigration policy.”

The Fidesz MEP emphasized in the vote: “We strongly oppose EU to fund NGOs engaged in political activities. Instead, European Union should reimburse the costs of Member States (such as Hungary) protecting the EU’s external borders.”