The renewal of the Schengen Information System strengthens our security in Europe

2018. 10. 24.

During the plenary session today the EU parliament voted for the enhancement of the Schengen Information System (SIS). “The Schengen zone is a success story of Europe, because it gives EU citizens free internal movement within the determined area. It is the European Unions easiest to grasp innovations” – said Kinga Gál MEP (FIDESZ).

In 2015 the institutions at national level made around 2,9 billion examinations based on the data stored in the SIS. “The new proposal is to make the SIS more effective, so it can stand up to the challenges of migration and terrorism” – said the politician belonging to the EPP.  

Kinga Gál pointed out: “This will make the process of taking illegal migrants back home easier, together with deciding who has no right to enter the EU. It will be harder for migrants to disappear amongst member states.  Storing the biometrical data will also help find terrorists and outlaws. The MEP welcomed the fact, that this way it will be easier and faster to find lost children, as the first 24 hours are most crucial in finding the missing person.

Kinga Gál stressed in her speech: “The new system shows our common goals, because many of us believe, that there is no liberty, without security, and this new generation information system will make our security grow.”

At the same time we must not forget, that the internal borderless state of Europe, with its positive aspects can only be maintained, as long as our external borders are guaranteed” – the politician added.