Students without Boundaries

Students without Boundaries

2012. 07. 13.

A total of 135 Hungarian high school students from the surrounding countries attended the Students without Boundaries program that received the ever first European Youth Charlemagne Prize. Kinga Gál MEP gave a short lecture for the participants in the Parliament then she attended the final boat trip.

The MEP greeted the participants, the organizers and volunteers of the program in the Hunter Hall of the Hungarian Parliament. She transmitted three messages to the audience. First of all she talked about the importance of representing the interests of national minorities on the international level. The only way to transmit the problems of the Hungarian minority is to elaborate and present them adequately on different international languages. This is why it is of utmost importance that students learn foreign languages. Secondly, she emphasized the responsibility of the participants of the program to bring home with them the messages of this program and share them with their local communities. Thirdly, Kinga Gál MEP emphasized the importance of volunteering and the outstanding example of this proven by their leaders and the organizers of the program.

During the afternoon Kinga Gál MEP attended a boat trip on the Danube river along with other guests, sponsors, leaders and the participants of the program.