Serbia votes for the Rehabilitation Act

Serbia votes for the Rehabilitation Act

2011. 12. 05.

According to Kinga Gál, "the adaptation of the Act is an opportunity to provide a remedy for the Hungarian community in Vojvodina for the grievances caused over the last decades. This decision also seems to provide a solution for the violation caused by the Restitution Law and as a whole may result in positive changes for the Hungarians living in Vojvodina ".

"The Serbian Parliament made a great step towards accession to the European Union in its adaptation of the Rehabilitation Act. At the same time, the non-discriminatory application of the two Acts and the court decisions made in individual cases will measure their real level of commitment to the European Union", added the MEPs.

Kinga Gál and György Schöpflin affirmed that with the adaptation of the new Rehabilitation Act, the threat of the Hungarian veto against Serbia's candidate status would be removed.