Security and Defence

Israel has the right to self-defence

2021. 05. 19.

Today the European Parliament held a plenary debate on the latest developments in Israel and the EU’s strategy towards Israel and Palestine. „I would like to express my full solidarity towards Israel. No one can question its right to self-defence” – underlined Kinga Gál, president of the Fidesz delegation, in connection with the debate.

The Member of the European Parliament firmly condemned the rocket attacks  targeting Israeli settlements and the civil population. „Every inhabitant of the Middle-East has the right to security and peace! It has to be the priority of the EU to achieve this goal” – emphasized the Fidesz politician. 

„The main task at the moment is to stop attacks against the civil population resulting in innocent victims. I am confident that the necessary diplomatic and political steps to put end and to the attacks will be taken soon. Each new rocket attack further increases the lack of trust between the different sides, making it impossible to solve the conflict. Such acts do not help the Palestinian population and pose a threat to the peace and security of the region. We cannot let this happen since only the peace and security of the Middle-East can hinder new migratory flows towards Europe” – said Kinga Gál.