We Cannot Remain Silent While Watching the Most Terrible Human Rights Violations

We Cannot Remain Silent While Watching the Most Terrible Human Rights Violations

2015. 03. 12.

In the debate, I felt obliged to raise my voice about some of the most terrible human rights violations happening today, the plight of the Christians of the Middle East, including women and children, who are being tortured, killed or enslaved because of their faith. These people are the martyrs of the 21st century and these barbaric actions are crimes against humanity. They cannot be justified under any terms and violate the most basic human rights. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs should take a stand against these inhuman crimes with every possible instrument and find allies for this mission. We, the European Union, should not remain silent.

The human rights report now also addresses the rights of traditional national minorities. It is very important to recognize that their unique situation requires unique solutions to grant them equal chances. I believe it was high time that the EP included this reference in its text.

I am grateful that we succeeded in having children’s rights included in the annual human rights report, especially the struggle against starvation and malnutrition. The EU must be able to raise awareness and address the problems of the most vulnerable, the children. 

And I am proud that the resolution, co-signed by several other MEPs, urging EU-level cooperation in the fight against online sexual harassment of children was passed. New technology and proliferation of broadband Internet makes these crimes easier and often cross-border in nature, leaving children exposed to sexual predators. Unfortunately, the generations growing up today are especially exposed to this cruel abuse. Supporting hotlines, establishing awareness centers and sharing information can improve our effectiveness in protecting our children on an EU level because the Internet does not respect national borders. It is not enough to fight against this phenomenon separately, on a Member State level.

Whether it’s inside or outside the EU, we must continue to call attention to human rights issues and act if needed. We cannot remain silent.