Towards a fair European tax policy

Towards a fair European tax policy

2010. 02. 10.

According to MEP Enikő Győri, the shadow EPP rapporteur of the report, it is unacceptable that while EU Member States struggle with serious economic and financial problems, the level of tax evasion amounts to twice as much as the total EU budget.

Győri emphasized that taking stronger actions against tax havens from Member States was not only in our economic interest but it was our moral responsibility towards European taxpayers.

Győri’s proposals included an incentive system for recovery of cross-border tax claims as well as the extension of automatic tax information exchange.

‘I strongly hope that with this report and my proposals that were accepted today, the European Union can move towards a more fair tax policy which aims at decreasing the level of tax evasion and thus prevents offshore companies, which at present operate in many EU Member States, from flourishing further’, concluded Győri.