The Tóásó case at the highest diplomatic levels

The Tóásó case at the highest diplomatic levels

2012. 09. 21.

During the meeting the two politicians also talked about the question addressed to the European External Action Service (EEAS) Hungarian and Irish MEPs regarding the violence committed against the citizens of the European Union in Bolivia. The members of the EP asked the HR/VP about the steps that she intends to take in order to guarantee Előd Tóásó’s fundamental rights during his detention. In the question the MEPs raised the issue of official and fair investigation in the case of Michael Dwyer.

In the recent answer of the EEAS it was confirmed that the cases mentioned are considered as being of utmost importance and that these are raised on the highest diplomatic levels during meetings and other forums. The EEAS stressed the need for an effective, impartial and legal investigation, furthermore the right to a fair trial. The EEAS promised that they would mention the case during the upcoming visit of the Bolivian foreign minister to Brussels.

Kinga Gál welcomed the EEAS’s answer and discussed it with Adrián Oliva Alcazár, the Bolivian parliamentarian during their meeting in Brussels. "We discuss the main questions of the Tóásó-case and any further steps to be taken. He gave me a documentary film which demonstrates that the Bolivian authorities are involved in this case. He promised to do his best regarding this case as the president of the American Parliamentary Debate Association" – said Kinga Gál after the meeting.