‘The drafted Tavares Report is totally unacceptable’

‘The drafted Tavares Report is totally unacceptable’

2013. 05. 07.

The report is nothing but the debut of the left wing's campaign for next year's European Parliamentary elections, an unprecedented political ultimatum for Hungary. It is unacceptable that the report attempts to take over the role of the Hungarian National Assembly, elected by Hungarian citizens, and aims to directly intervene in domestic legal and political issues.

The Hungarian EPP Group (Fidesz) Delegation finds the report entirely unacceptable, its findings based on lies, errors and distortions, its tone and style is highly offending. The delegation firmly rejects the unjust process and the applied double standard against Hungary. The document demands a number of items from the Hungarian Parliament which the European Parliament does not ask of any other Member States.

The Hungarian EPP Group (Fidesz) Delegation will do its utmost to prevent the adoption of this unfair document, which hinders the rights of the Hungarian National Assembly and violates the dignity of Hungarian citizens. In the name of the delegation, MEP Kinga Gál initiated in a written form that the debate on the report would be suspended as long as the document does not include the analysis of other EU Member States' practice concerning the topics in question.