The political activist role played by the European Parliament in foreign policy is harmful for the Union

2023. 01. 17.

“The preservation of unanimity would actually guarantee the sovereignty and assertion of interests of smaller states, and it means the protection of cooperation based on good faith.” – stated MEP Kinga Gál, the president of the Fidesz European Parliament Delegation, during the debate on the annual report on the implementation of the common security and defence policy. MEP Andor Deli, member of Fidesz EP Delegation, emphasized that it is unfortunate that European Parliament reports are increasingly based on political prejudices and the omission of facts.

A debate on the annual report on the implementation of the common security and defence policy was held today at the plenary session of the European Parliament. During the debate, Kinga Gál emphasized that the unprecedented times in the history of the Union, the war, the instability that has developed around us require strategic consideration. She added: “Unfortunately, this is not what is reflected in the common security and defense policy reports, which are increasingly characterized by a political activist role reminiscent of NGOs, rather than balance and consideration. These are harmful to both the EP and the Union’s foreign policy as a whole,” stressed Kinga Gál. “An example of this is that the actual report contains unworthy and unprecedented criticisms of the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, who in reality plays a key role in giving the Union’s enlargement policy a new impetus – the MEP added.

Kinga Gál also emphasized: strengthening cooperation between member states in the field of common foreign, security and defense policy is a key issue. Therefore, proposals to abolish unanimity-based decision-making go against not only the basic treaties, but also the basic interests of the Union. “The introduction of majority decision-making would only serve the interests of the larger member states, while it would seriously undermine the assertion of the interests of the smaller states and mutual solidarity. We must stand up for the preservation of unanimity, because it means the protection of the basic principle of “Unity in diversity”, and at the same time of the cooperation based on good faith. More respect, empathy, consideration of each other’s interests would be needed,” emphasized Kinga Gál.

Andor Deli, MEP from Vojvodina, pointed out that the statement in the report on the security and defense policy, according to which Serbia did not condemn Russia’s action against Ukraine, does not correspond to reality. On the contrary to what it is stated in the report, Serbia has joined all related UN resolutions and supports the territorial unity of Ukraine. These are facts that have already been recognized by the European Parliament in several previous reports. “I am convinced that factuality and consistency are principles that should count even in the EP,” MEP Andor Deli emphasized.