The left attacks the Israeli government for political reasons

2023. 03. 15.

The European Parliament held a debate on the state of Israeli democracy in its Tuesday plenary session in Strasbourg. MEP Kinga Gál, the president of the Fidesz European Parliament delegation, pointed out in his speech that the left does not respect the results of the democratic elections and attacks the Israeli government on political grounds in the same way as it attacks Hungary. She emphasized that the current Israeli Prime Minister deserves recognition for his efforts to stabilize the Middle East region.

Kinga Gál said: the attacks against the Israeli government once again prove that the left-wing forces do not respect the will of the majority of the voters and the final results of the democratic elections. “The left attacks Israel on the same political basis as it does against Hungary,” she explained in connection with the criticism of the Israeli government.

Kinga Gál highlighted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did a lot to create peace between Israel and the Arab countries by concluding the Abraham Accords, for which he deserves recognition. She emphasized that the stability of the Middle East region is crucial for Hungary and Europe, as instability results in the strengthening of terrorist threats and waves of illegal migration.

“Israel’s right to self-defense must be respected. All terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens are to be condemned, and last week’s terrorist attack in Tel Aviv gives regrettable relevance,” concluded the president of the Fidesz EP delegation.