The EP election this May is about the future of our continent

2019. 01. 16.

Europe must protect its external borders both on land and at sea, rather than trying to manage situations that human traffickers force and decide who can come to Europe. The European Parliament elections in May will be marked by the overthrow of political forces supporting or seeking to prevent illegal migration, ”said Kinga Gál MEP in her speech in the plenary debate on migration this morning.

The population of Africa is projected to double by 2050, and this will obviously lead to another wave of migration. So the problem remains with us for decades, and it can neither be solved by the compulsory distribution of migrants (the so called “quotas”) nor by the migrant visa. It is necessary to eliminate ambiguous signals that act as attractive forces so that young people in Africa do not move towards Europe in the hope of a better life. That is why the UN Pact on Migration is a threat to Europe and has become unacceptable to us. “We need to help those in need to strengthen the population retention power of the affected third countries,” the Fidesz Party representative said.

It is clear that the Union citizens are most concerned by the problem of managing the migration crisis. The stakes of the upcoming European Parliament elections is whether the policy against illegal migration represented by the Fidesz government will get the majority, or immigration policy that invites illegal migrants and ignores national sovereignty. Therefore, in the May elections, it is vital for the citizens of the EU to make good decisions and to support parties against illegal immigration for the future of the continent.