The enlargement of the Union is in our geopolitical interest

2022. 11. 23.

A debate on the report on the European Union’s new enlargement strategy was held last night in Strasbourg, at the plenary session of the European Parliament. Kinga Gál, the president of the Fidesz European parliamentary group, emphasized during the debate: threats to the peace of Europe highlight the geopolitical importance of enlargement. The region is also a key region for Europe in terms of long-term security of energy supply and management of migration crises. Andor Deli, Fidesz MEP from Vojvodina, pointed out that the decisions of the European Parliament of the past period contributed to the weakening of the Union’s influence in the Western Balkans. Serbia and the countries of the Western Balkan region need sincere support and an accession date.

“The Union cannot delay the strategically important Western Balkan enlargement process any longer, a new impetus is needed. It must offer an authentic alternative, which is both an opportunity and a responsibility,” Kinga Gál emphasized.

“The region has also become a key region for Europe in terms of long-term security of energy supply and management of migration crises. The illegal migration crisis is worsening on the Western Balkan route, which can be solved by the integration of the region and its key player, Serbia. That is why the Serbian, Austrian, and Hungarian declaration of intent announced last week in Belgrade on the return of illegal migrants at the external borders is to be welcomed,” emphasized the MEP.

According to Kinga Gál, the politicized tightening of the accession conditions in the report that is now being discussed is a bad message, it makes Serbia, for example, waiting for accession, unsettled. “Furthermore, the proposal to abolish unanimity is unacceptable to us, as the political sovereignty of smaller member states would be seriously endangered with majority decisions, especially in foreign policy decisions,” concluded the MEP.

Andor Deli emphasized: Europe cannot postpone the accession of the countries of the Western Balkans any longer. He added: “many claim that the influence of the EU has weakened in the region. Unfortunately, I have to say that in the last couple of years, the European Parliament, through its decisions, has actively contributed to this being the case. You cannot increase trust and influence by constantly tightening the conditions. We Hungarians know the EU conditionality mechanisms well, they are based on a wrong logic, it would be a mistake to extend them to the countries that want to join as a means of influence. “Serbia and the countries of the Western Balkan region do not need such decisions, but sincere support and a date for accession,” said Andor Deli.