The abolition of unanimous decision-making undermines the sovereignty of the member states

2022. 12. 14.

At today’s plenary session of the European Parliament, a debate was held on defense against abuses of the member state’s right of veto. Kinga Gál MEP, the president of the Fidesz European Parliament group, emphasized during the debate that even the title of the debate reflects bias. What the left-liberal mainstream misleadingly calls a veto is nothing more than the unanimous decision-making enshrined in the Basic Treaties, which is the basis of good faith cooperation. It makes the possibility of different thinking and disagreement impossible and undermines European unity if the treaties are not respected to this extent.

“European integration was created by the member states, they are the masters of the treaties. It was not by chance that the founders of the Union demanded that the member states retain their right to be able to make decisions above them only with their consent in areas important to them.” – said Kinga Gál. “Abolishing unanimous decision-making would eliminate the sovereignty of the member states and result in the completion of centralization in Brussels. The Union cannot become the United States of Europe serving federalist interests,” the MEP emphasized.

According to Kinga Gál, the double standard set up regarding the veto issue in the European Union is unacceptable. “It is a seriously hypocritical attitude that while Hungary is unjustly accused of breaking European unity and vetoing it, when it bravely stands up for its position and values, old member states can do this without consequences in much more serious matters. However, these cases can only be called “lack of agreement”, never a veto”, the representative pointed out.