Stop smuggling people to benefit from migration!

2017. 10. 25.

“To stop smuggling, illegal migration should be stopped outside the borders of the Union,” said Kinga Gál, Fidesz’s MEP, in the European Parliament’s debate on illegal immigration and the fight against people smuggling in the Mediterranean. “The current as well as the on-going asylum system doesn’t hinder people smugglers. The mandatory relocation quotas can be interpreted as an invitation to the Union to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants “, emphasized Kinga Gál.


During the debate, the European Parliament has paid particular attention to the people smuggling in the Mediterranean, as it has now become known that smuggling that facilitates illegal migration has increased an even bigger business than drug trafficking in recent years. According to Kinga Gál, this phenomenon can only be stopped if an effective asylum system is developed that allows the separation of illegal economic immigrants from those legally asking for a refugee status outside the Union’s borders. “It should be crystal clear that only real refugees can enter the territory of the Union. All other solutions are interpreted as invitations to the EU for hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants,” the Vice-President of the European People’s Party stressed.

During the debate the politician said: “The refugee centers must be set up outside the EU, where it is possible to process asylum applications. In the meantime, we must, above all, protect the external borders of the Union and financially assist the Member States defending the external borders, otherwise many more human lives become the victims of the sea or the desert. That is the only way to disrupt the business model and increasing influence of people smugglers who are more and more profiting from the migration crisis.”