Schengen on the agenda of the Strasbourg plenary

Schengen on the agenda of the Strasbourg plenary

2012. 07. 04.

"We are debating again this sensitive subject which is the most important achievement of the EU according to the young citizens of the union whom 90% have voted for free movement in the EU according to a poll of the European Youth Parliament.

But in practice the old Member States tend to check more often the passengers and buses that are coming from the New Member states. This practice endangers the community trust that is so important in times of economic and financial crisis and it can endanger the whole system.

We experienced the same lost of trust through the Council's decision in June. I request therefore the Council to take all the necessary steps to move onwards in close cooperation with the Parliament and develop the Schengen Governance together. Consequently in September we could greet Romania and Bulgaria as new members of the Schengen area."