The resources of the Union should not be used for the reception of the migrants, but for more effective border surveillance

2018. 10. 04.

“The debate started by the left and the liberals is nothing other, then the newest act of the pro migrant forces, where they are trying to create pressure on those member states, which do not wish to participate in the mandatory quota program – said Kinga Gál at the Wednesday evening plenary session in Strasburg, which was focused on the humanitarian situation on the Mediterranean. The session also payed particular attention to the support from the local authorities.   

Kinga Gál, the MEP from FIDESZ drew attention: the liberals would like to present the migration, as if the local authorities of the member states would be for it, rather than against it. They wish to highlight, that the local authorities don’t let the migrants to enter the state just because the national governments are not giving them permission to do so. This is the very reason why the liberals are asking for more financial resources for the local authorities. “I wish to draw the attention of the left and liberal Members of Parliament, that just in Hungary alone 2000 local municipalities decided to say no, to the forced resettling of migrants. It is evident, that in Western Europe migration has caused the development of parallel societies that still cause tensions, and these cannot be resolved still to this day.

According to the politician member of the FIDESZ party, the way to resolve the problems is not by giving more money to the local authorities to coup with the resettling of migrants, as illegal migration does not need to be supported, but it needs to be stopped. “No type of forced resettling quota will be able to resolve the migration crisis, but on the contrary it will give hope for more and more people to start their journey towards Europe. It has the same pull factor that of the NGO ships that are saving migrants on the Mediterranean sea. These ships are making human trafficking grow stronger, and we must put an end to this”- the EPP politician added.

The Union should use its resources to ensure a more effective border control, and at the same time to address the core problems of migration. We need to provide help where the problems are born: this way the migrants will never have to start their dangerous journey” – Kinga Gál added, as a final point to her statement.