‘Our Values – European Values’ – Central European Youth Conference

‘Our Values – European Values’ – Central European Youth Conference

2013. 10. 07.

On the 4th of October 90 participant arrived to Válaszút, Transylvania for a three days long event. These young people were former participants of the Students without Boundaries Programmeorganised by the II. Rákóczi Ferenc Foundation. This event gave them an opportunity to meet again with old friends and also to find new ones, whilst at the same time it was an opportunity for them all to learn together.

On the agenda of the weekend there were presentations, workshops, folk dancing event, a visit to a museum of ethnography and all sorts of group activities (singing, playing the guitar, etc.). On Sunday morning, Kinga GálMEP welcomed the participants. In her remarks the MEP addressed the importance of providing our youngsters with a solid foundation of values, moral points of references, as these are essential when it comes to navigating through the challenges of everyday life.

Kinga Gál MEP pointed out the crucial role played by Rákóczi Család Kör, an alumni network connecting young people across borders. She encouraged the participants to share their experiences upon their return to their homes with their friends and family. It is crucial because this is the generation, which holds the key to the existence of the Hungarian nation within the Carpathian Basin – concluded Kinga Gál MEP.