New milestone in the EU’s regulation over the jurisdiction

New milestone in the EU’s regulation over the jurisdiction

2011. 12. 13.

Kinga Gál MEP (EPP, Fidesz) emphasized after the adoption of the two reports that these new pieces of legislation will simplify the applicable rules in the field of criminal proceedings regarding the encroachments of citizens' rights in the EU member states. The Hungarian EU presidency played a central role during the negotiations of the directives.

The essence of the European Protection Order is that an obligation to avoid contact with the protected person would be applicable in the other member states as well for the person concerned. Kinga Gál pointed out that in the period of the economic crisis the number of the violent crime's victims has risen. The violence which span over the states' borders has more and more victims. "In the last year 14% from young people between 18 and 34 years had to endure violence and maltreatment in their own family. Therefore it is surpassingly important that the countries could step for the victims on the common sphere even though their special and diverse judicial traditions, both for the women and for the children." – stated the Hungarian MEP.

The other decision is in contact with the right to information in criminal proceedings. This is the second element of a five part roadmap which has to define the minimal common norms of the criminal proceedings in the Union. After the right to translation, the right to information during the criminal proceedings became also regulated. This means in practice that the suspected has the right to be informed about his or her fundamental rights in such a language which he or she understands. Kinga Gál greeted that the legislators paid special attention to the rights and needs of the children in such situations while preparing the text. "The children victims are more vulnerable than the adults. Therefore I welcome that the decision about the right to information already was created in this approach. I hope that this approach will be also continued during the preparation of the directive which will define the right to a lawyer." – emphasized Kinga Gál.

The MEP of the Fidesz highlighted Hungary's commitment towards the development of a child-friendly approach of the jurisdiction. One concrete step in this issue is the creation of the so called "Children friendly judicature" website together with the declaration that 2012 will be the year of the children friendly judicature.

Kinga Gál thinks that the result of the voting is a serious achievement because the guidelines have been approved. "I am especially satisfied that beside Poland Hungary is also a key player of this success, because the main part of the work was carried out during the Hungarian presidency. I hope that the member states are starting to implement these guidelines in their own national legal systems as soon as possible." – emphasized the politician of the EPP.