Lisbon Treaty – New Chance for Europe. József Szajer MEP

Lisbon Treaty – New Chance for Europe. József Szajer MEP

2009. 11. 28.

MEP Pal Schmitt, Vice-President of the European Parliament, highlighted that, with the adoption of the Treaty, the European Union could really focus on the continent’s challenges instead of its internal institutional questions.

MEP Kinga Gal emphasised that the Charter of Fundamental Rights that is part of the Lisbon Treaty strengthened the framework of the protection of human and minority rights in the EU.

MEP Eniko Gyori said that with the Lisbon Treaty, the EU became more democratic and more efficient. Both the role of the European Parliament and national Parliaments would grow, she emphasized.

In his speech, MEP József Szájer, Vice-Chairman of the EPP Group, stated that the Lisbon Treaty means a new chance and a new start for Europe. The politician emphasized that the EU should pay much more attention to minority issues in the future. These conflicts require concrete responses from the EU, he added. Concerning the future EU Presidency of Hungary in 2011, he stated that this would be an opportunity for Hungary to prove that, following the two terms in office of the Socialists that led the country into a critical situation, an economically damaged and bankrupted country would have come back to Europe.

(The next Hungarian parliamentary elections will be held in the spring of 2010.)