It’s 33 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall now, but Poland and Hungary are not treated equally in Europe

2022. 11. 09.

The conclusions of the October 20-21 summit of the European Council were discussed today in Brussels, at the plenary session of the European Parliament. Kinga Gál, the MEP of Fidesz, emphasized during the debate: Europe is in a serious economic situation, inflation is increasing all over Europe due to skyrocketing energy prices. According to the president of the Fidesz European Parliament group, the price increase is caused by the energy shortage, which was caused by the energy sanctions. The current and new energy sanctions, instead of leading to the end of the war, are ruining Europe’s economy.

“We received a promise from Brussels that the sanctions will bring an end to the war, will not cover energy carriers and will hurt Russia, which it wants to punish, more. The reality, on the other hand, is that the sanctions are ruining the European economy, a bloody war is still raging in Ukraine, while Russia has only gotten richer,” said Kinga Gál.

According to the MEP, no further EU measures or sanctions are acceptable, which worsen the situation and threaten that fewer energy sources will be available. “Finally, it must be taken into account that the exposure and opportunities of each member state are different. The agreement reached at the EU summit was also acceptable because, on the basis of it, the possible introduction of the gas price cap cannot affect the long-term contracts ensuring the gas supply of the member states and the joint procurement did not become binding either,” added Kinga Gál.

“Today, even 33 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Europe is not uniform, member states are differentiated for ideological reasons, including Poland and Hungary in terms of access to financial funds,” said Kinga Gál. She emphasized that Hungary fully complies with its constructive obligations. “This is how we hope that the Commission will now also comply,” declared the representative.