“It is Necessary to Consolidate FRONTEX by Legal Instruments”

“It is Necessary to Consolidate FRONTEX by Legal Instruments”

2011. 09. 13.

“Dear Mr President,

The aim of the European Union decision makers is to make the Union more citizen-friendly. The key element is to make the citizens feel safe and to provide safe use to the most important EU acquis, the Schengen system.

Nevertheless, the Schengen system cannot work properly without effective external border protection. European citizens increasingly need an effective, well-organised institution that can act rapidly, and that has the appropriate authorisation and capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to ratify the Frontex with legal instruments so that the Agency is empowered to take actions effectively against human trafficking, criminal organisations and drug trafficking. Of course, human rights and especially the respect of a refugees’ human rights has to be an important aspect of Frontex’s actions.

My colleague Mr Busuttil has done some excellent work during the negotiations with the Parliament and with both the Commission and the Council; therefore, he deserves our congratulation. Moreover, we have to emphasize that during the Hungarian EU Presidency it was necessary to reach an agreement concerning the Frontex proposals. In our opinion we have managed to provide a good basisthat we hope will help Frontex in its work.”