Illegal migration shouldn’t be split by mandatory quotas in Europe

2018. 01. 17.

The biggest challenge that the Bulgarian Presidency has to deal with is migration. It can not lead to further divisions between the Member States, migrants can not be split by mandatory quotas in Europe “, said Kinga Gál, MEP of Fidesz Party after the introductory plenary debates of the Bulgarian presidency.

According to Kinga Gál: “With regard to illegal migration we must be able to take the will of more and more European citizens: we must be able to protect our external borders, that is our primary responsibility, and the million Euros taken to the protection of the outer borders – from Hungary’s part – should also fall within the scope of solidarity” the MEP underlined. “Real refugees must be identified outside the EU of the tens of thousands of migrants, and we must help there in the world where there is trouble, not to bring it to Europe,” the politician added.