Hungary the protector of the EU’s external borders, must be supported

2022. 10. 19.

“Within the largest humanitarian action in the history of our country, we are making extraordinary efforts to help Ukrainian refugees,” emphasized Kinga Gál, the president of the Fidesz European Parliament group, in the European Parliament’s debate on the migration effects of the war in Ukraine on Tuesday evening. She reminded: meanwhile, the pressure caused by illegal migration is increasing enormously on Hungary’s southern borders. “It is necessary to improve the failed Brussels migration strategy and to support Hungary, which protects the external borders of the European Union,” Kinga Gál pointed out.

“We are one of the EU member states receiving the largest number of Ukrainian refugees. We help the arriving refugees with continuous, comprehensive care, most of whom are children, women and elderly people,” stated Kinga Gál. “We provided places for thousands of Ukrainian children in public educational institutions. In addition, we sent medical equipment, we also provide assistance in the rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers,” the representative pointed to the Hungarian government’s measures.

“Meanwhile, the number of illegal migrants, mostly young men, coming from the south, via the Western Balkan route, is also growing rapidly. Armed groups attacked the border guards in an organized manner.” – reminded the representative: “This also shows that it is necessary to strengthen the external border protection of the European Union. Hungary, which protects the EU’s external borders, should be supported instead of the failed Brussels migration strategy,” Kinga Gál pointed out.

Andrea Bocskor emphasized within the debate: “Due to the Russian aggression, millions of people were forced to leave their homeland, and with the prolonged war, this number is increasing by the day. In addition, nearly 300,000 internal Ukrainian refugees are currently staying in Transcarpathia, Ukraine’s smallest county. The leadership of the region, together with the local micro-regions and aid organizations, will do everything to ensure that these people receive adequate housing, health care, food, and education for the children, but in the event of an emergency, it is very possible that they also leave for the EU. Therefore, the development of road infrastructure and border crossings has an outstanding role. With the approach of winter, the escalation of the fighting and also the deepening of the energy crisis, the wave of refugees may increase further, so it is necessary to prepare for this in time at the border checkpoints, creating humane conditions for the defenseless women and children who are forced to leave Ukraine”.