Human rights high on the agenda of the plenary session

Human rights high on the agenda of the plenary session

2013. 10. 10.

On Tuesday, members voted on the report detailing the situation of corruption in third countries and its effects on human rights. After the vote took place Kinga Gál MEP (EPP) reiterated the importance attached to education when it comes to tackling corruption. As we all know children's and young adults' views could be best formed in the schools. If our schools, as institutions, are mired by corruption it is difficult to instil an anti-corruption approach. At the same time it is through educating our young generations that we can encourage a change of views, which will trickle-down throughout society, ensuring the disappearance of corruption from our everyday lives.

On Wednesday a bilateral investment agreement between the EU and China was put to a vote. Kinga Gál MEP pointed out that no matter what specific issue is up for discussion in relation with China, the situation of Tibet should be given consideration as well.  Although the region has seen economic growth recently, it is crucial not to let this phenomenon affect disadvantageously cultural rights and the protection of cultural heritage. Therefore a long-term development strategy is required wherein economic growth is achieved respecting regional cultural specificities.

Number three of the items concerning human rights was the issue of caste-based discrimination. Kinga Gál emphasised that the victims of such discriminatory acts are often women and young girls, who as a result find themselves in a gravely vulnerable situation. That is why not only national but international action is required to tackle caste-based discrimination.