Hearing on the case of Mr Előd Tóásó in Brussels

Hearing on the case of Mr Előd Tóásó in Brussels

2012. 06. 19.

The speakers of the hearing included Mr Gergely Gulyás, Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, who visited personally Mr Tóásó in Bolivia recently. He reminded the participants of the declarations of the Committee led by him on the case.

Ambassador René Fernandez Revollo represented the Bolivian authorities on the hearing. In his speech he mentioned that according to the report of the Bolivian Parliament that was adopted with a two-third majority the human rights of the accused have been respected throughout the whole procedure and the jurisdical procedures were fair and impartial.

Ms Edit Tóásó, sister of Előd Tóásó was also present on the hearing who spoke about her three years long struggle for the human rights of her brother.

After the short presentations many MEPs participated in the discussion, Gay Mitchell Irish MEP and Csaba Sógor Hungarian MEP from Romania among others.

This hearing was another step in keeping the case on the agenda – a promise made by the European Institutions that they would do so. This idea was reaffirmed by Ms Belén Martinez-Carbonell as well, representing the EEAS at the hearing.