For Ferenc Gyurcsány nothing is sacred any more

For Ferenc Gyurcsány nothing is sacred any more

2007. 03. 02.

The FIDESZ Members of the European Parliament were outraged by, and categorically reject, the claims of Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány that appeared in The Times newspaper on 2 March 2007. In the interview, Gyurcsány charged Fidesz with anti-Semitism and claimed that rising anti-Semitism in Hungary represents a serious threat. On the contrary, the truth is that Fidesz politicians, in their actions as in their statements, have always repeatedly and decisively stood up for democracy and against all forms of extremism, thus including anti-Semitism too. Under the Fidesz government there were no extremist demonstrations or anti-Semitic manifestations. In attempting to discredit his political opponents with the charge of anti-Semitism, and divert attention from the failures and loss of credibility of his own administration, Gyurcsány again provided evidence of his shamelessness. By exploiting the suffering of millions of Jews for current political ends, he abuses the memory of the victims. Fortunately, when compared across Europe, the number of anti-Semitic manifestations in Hungary is tiny, and although even the smallest such incident is to be condemned, Gyurcsány – who is again lying – is damaging Hungary's interests when he falsely claims anti-Semitism in Hungary to be a serious danger. Fidesz – as a respected member of the European People's Party – and its MEPs will continue to fight for the interests of Hungary and its citizens in European fora.

On behalf of the group of Fidesz Members of the European Parliament

Dr József Szájer MEP and Professor György Schöpflin MEP