Fake NGOs facilitating migration can receive EU fund support

2019. 01. 17.

„It is totally unacceptable that, beyond political support, financial resources will now be made available by the European Parliament’s majority in favor of NGOs that are openly facilitate immigration.” –  Kinga Gál, Fidesz MEP, drew attention to this.

According to the ‘Rights and Values’ program adopted today by the European Parliament, the European Union would make 850 million euros available to NGOs operating in Europe that are striving for an open and inclusive society. The Regulation would provide resources for NGOs that support an open political engagement with Brussels’s immigration policy, and thus the strengthening of fake NGOs that openly promote immigration is expected through EU funding.

It is unacceptable for the European Commission to outsource those tasks to NGOs that it cannot cope with. Thus, in the future, beside George Soros, the European taxpayers, including Hungarians, will also finance the openly pro migration fake civilians who are constantly attacking Hungary.