Discriminatory Measures against National Minorities in Romania

Discriminatory Measures against National Minorities in Romania

2012. 05. 10.

The MEP declared: "It is unacceptable that among the first measures of a newly formed left-liberal government are restrictions concerning existing rights of national minorities." Kinga Gál addressed a question to Mr Swoboda and Mr Verhofstadt whether they would stand up against these infringements of their sister-parties.

The MEP mentioned the case of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu-Mures, where the new government created obstacles concerning the Hungarian mother-tongue education. She mentioned furthermore the fact that in the program of the new government national minorities are not mentioned at all – this is something that hasn't happened since the change of the regime in 1990.

Kinga Gál asked her socialist and liberal colleagues to take action against these discriminatory measures and not to apply double standards when it comes to their sister-parties.