Day of National Unity in Budafok-Tétény

2017. 06. 04.

The Municipality of Budafok-Tétény held its celebration of the National Unity Day on the 2nd of June where several Hungarians from across the borders took their oath of allegiance. The ceremonial speech was given by Kinda Gál, Member of the European Parliament.


“The principle of a united Hungarian nation can be brought into practice by creating an attractive world, both within and beyond the mother country.” – stated Kinga Gál (Fidesz) MEP, vice-president of the European People’s Party. She, as someone with Transylvanian roots, recalled the moment when she could take the oath back in 1988 together with her parents.

She said that we shall be aware: between Hungarians there is always more that ties us together, rather than what splits us apart. “We need to understand that without each other, we are nothing. We are motes of dust, blown away by the wind of history. We can only be something if we stick together. We can only be a nation together, not being a lost, faithless and futureless nation.”

She emphasized that by the disappearance of borders, both practically and symbolically, we have the opportunity to handle the legacy of Trianon. This is why being without borders in the European Union is so important – which goes hand in hand with protecting our external borders. We need to save Europe so that it remains the same as it was in our grandfathers’ time before Trianon.

“Therefore, we have an obligation to save all of this to make sure that our children can live in the same world” – she stated.